Dear Friends of Leeds, 

It has been almost 100 years since Leeds opened in downtown Winchester. The space has been a regional destination since its opening in 1925 as a movie theater to now as a beautiful arts center. We are excited to say that over the last five years there has been massive expansion and renewed interest in our beloved theater. Leeds has become a catalyst for positive change and growth for downtown and our community. It now houses a thriving arts scene and our educational programing serves over 1,000 children every year. Moving toward the future, we have a vision for a venue that can house even bigger shows, children’s classes, and musical guests. We can make the most of this opportunity by making the space more efficient, secure, and usable.

We invite you to be a champion of the arts and our community. Bring your passion and dream with us. Your gift can help us thrive and meet the needs of all the amazing things that happen here. Help take Leeds into a new age of unlimited possibilities.

Help Us Expand for the Future