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The Three Musketeers Auditions

January 17 & 19, 2024

Ages 16 and up. You must be 16 or older by the audition date.

Everyone auditioning must fill out this form.

Bringing a headshot and resume are encouraged.
Please choose a time slot on the audition form.

Sides have been provided to you. Please click the Dropbox link on the Leeds’ website to view the available sides. You will be given the option to read the side of your choosing at auditions. You may additionally be asked to read others as well.



Auditions will also consist of some movement and fighting exercises as well.

Callbacks will be held January 20th.

Show Dates: May 3-5 and 10-12. Rehearsal times will typically be Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons from late March to early May.This show will be directed by Nick Vannoy.


[D’ARTAGNON] (He/Him) He is Youth. He is Hope. He is cocky and impetuous. He has all the traits you would expect of a young hero, and he’s rebellious enough to make them interesting. A country boy ready to make his mark in the world and become a Musketeer. Exceptional swordsman.

[SABINE] (She/Her) Plucky, tomboy sister to D’Artagnon who accompanies him to Paris. Just as impetuous, but she has a reasonable and feminine side too. Falls for Aramis. Must have great fight skills.

[CARDINAL RICHELIEU] (He/him) Driven by greed, power, and lust. He can be charming, witty, and funny while stabbing you in the back. Does not abide failure or dissent. Has plans to usurp the king, seduce the queen, and rule France.

[CARDINALS GUARDS] The backbone of the production. Must play multiple characters, and multiple comedic styles. They will be essential to the success of the fights and ensemble scenes. Must have great fight skills.

[ARAMIS] Handsome Musketeer who has genuine hopes for a life in the church. Two things, however, stand in their way: They have a hot temper and they love to be around beautiful women. A romantic and has the flourish of a great hero. Must have great fight skills.

[PORTHOS]  Bacchus brought to life but with a good heart. Drinks and lives life to its fullest. Extremely vain and quite a dandy, but can afford to be. Comic and insouciant. Must have great fight skills.

[ATHOS] The most serious and dangerous of the Musketeers. Gravely intelligent with the courage of a lion. Their serious demeanor masks the pain of a broken heart deep in their past. Precise and surgical. Must have great fight skills.

[MILADY] (She/Her) The most dangerous woman in all of France. Her cunning is legendary. She’s remarkably beautiful and impeccably dressed. She has access to great power and never utters an ill-chosen word. Must have great fight skills.

[CONSTANCE] (She/her). Lady in Waiting to the Queen. She is youthful and graceful but has a practical side too. Falls in love with D’Artagnon.

[QUEEN ANNE] (She/her). Originally from Spain, Anne of Austria is intelligent and resourceful, and unfortunately married to an inept monarch.

[KING LOUIS XIII] (He/him). He is not unintelligent, but rather enthusiastic and a bit petulant. He’s a man who tries very hard to live up to his title, but he generally feels beleaguered and is always trying to catch up to those around him. He leads a life of unbelievable splendor.

[ROCHEFORT] The Cardinal’s chief henchman and Captain of the Cardinal’s Guard. Dark and dangerous, has an eye patch and a hideous scar down their right cheek. Though a comic foil to the Cardinal, remains a real threat to the Musketeers. Doubles as Stanley, valet to the Duke of Buckingham. Must have great fight skills.

[TREVILLE – FATHER] Trainer of the King’s Musketeers. Impatient but supportive of their cause. A friend to D’Artagnon’s father. Doubles as Father, Buckingham, Ravanche, DeBris, and others. Must have ability to function as a variety of characters. Must have great fight skills


January 17 @ 5:00 pm
January 19 @ 9:00 pm
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